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COVID19 recovery and climate change mitigation

New Zealand remains committed to spending at least 300 million NZD on climate change initiatives over 2019-2022 as announced by our Prime Minister at UNGA in September 2018.

To secure climate co-benefits and in line with the New Zealand Aid Programme’s efforts to mainstream climate change, climate change considerations will be proactively integrated into COVID-19 recovery support across the New Zealand Aid Programme. This will be based on five guiding principles:

1. Integrating climate change into COVID-19 recovery efforts systematically

2. Considering stimulus measures that can also deliver long-term climate benefits

3. Preparing the workforce for jobs relevant to a climate change future

4. Supporting countries’ use of incentives to adapt to climate change and reduce emissions

5. Improve how we measure the success of recovery by capturing effects on climate change objectives.

(New Zealand’s total aid programme for the period July 2018 – June 2021 is 2.2 billion NZD)